Grintovec Crowns Champions

The 19th edition of the Grintovec Run was held on Sunday, July 29, in Kamnik/SLO. Nejc KUHAR won the men’s title, and Mojca KOLIGAR, won the women’s title. Both athletes are Slovenian Mountain Running Team members.


On race day, the weather was hot with high humidity in the Kamniska Valley, not ideal for record-setting times. As the runners reached the summit at 2552 meters, temperatures were not as hot as the valley below, but the early heat took its toll. KUHAR was 5 minutes slower than his course record set in 2015. More than 200 runners from 12 countries participated in the event.

This extreme Mountain running race boasts 2000 meters of elevation gain in just 10 kilometers and in past years has been part of the WMRA Mountain Running World Cup. The neighboring Velika Planina, with the same LOC expertly chaired by Dušan Papež, hosted the World Championships in 2010 and European Championships in 2017.

Next year, the event will celebrate a milestone, its 20th anniversary.

Top Finishers

       MEN                                  WOMEN

1. KUHAR Nejc 01:25:33         KOLIGAR Mojca              01:39:58

2. MIHELIČ Luka 01:26:09         TRUNKELJ Barbara          01:45:52

3. BEČAN Timotej 01:28:51         BELUŠIĆ Barbara            01:48:36

Full results:

Photo credit, Tomo Sarf, WMRA General Secretary.

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