Race #2 - PizTriVERTIKAL

piz vertical logoDate: 4th August 2018
Race: 3.3km
Altitude Gain: 1000m+
Location:  Malonno, (Italy)
Contact: Giorgio Bianchi
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the north of Italy, in the middle of Orobie Alps, where mountain running was born, where mountain running means TRADITION and DEVOTION.

In the Small village of Malonno (3’000 inhabitants roughly ) Mountain Running is something serious. Tradition was born here in the 1963 when the 1st edition had been organized by local sports club US MALONNO.

No interruption till now, 55th editions and the proudly deserved title of “PAESE DELLA CORSA IN MONTAGNA” (mountain running’s village) which is not only a slogan but appears officially on a municipality statement.

The historical event is FlettaTRAIL, a 21k up & down on the tracks around Malonno but since 2015 a Vertical Kilometer has been organized to make the mountain running festival complete.

Start line is in the small alpine village of Moscio (824 mt above sea level) and arrival at “Malga Campel” (1820 mt)  just below the summit of Mount Piz Tri, the magical mountain for the local people.

Course measures 3,5 k and it’s completely on mountain tracks, alpine pastures and a final climb of extreme steepness made spectacular by the presence of a deafening audience and a breathtaking view.

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