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Canfranc took over from Madeira 2023  (Portugal) for the organization of the world masters that will be held in the Pyrenees in just a few months. It will be the first time that this great international event will be run in this mountain range and even in Spain. 

The 2024 Masters World Mountain Running Championship is also the first edition in history to host three races (Uphill, Classic and Long Distance). A vital event to highlight the passion and quality of the masters athletes (+35 years old), which aims to gather the largest number of registered participants in its long history, exceeding 1,200 runners. Countries such as Ireland, Japan, Spain, Italy and Germany will compete in championships that each day have a higher sporting level among their participants. The dates for this event will be September 13 to 15, 2024.

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From Friday to Sunday, Canfranc will host the Uphill, Long Distance and Classic races, all under the umbrella of WMRA, World Mountain Running Association. The Aragonese bid was based on the confidence and solidity of a project backed by long experience in the organization of sporting events such as the CanfrancCanfranc, with 17 editions already behind it, and which has already succesfully hosted three editions of the WMRA World Cup, as well as several Spanish Championships. 


As an inclusive specily, any mountain runner may compete, provided they are over 35 years old.

Registrations can be made from the official website here:




This race is designed for the Uphill category of the World Masters Mountain Running Championship. A single ascent to Larraca through a spectacular path in the forest. A route that reaches the best viewpoint in the Canfranc Valley and from the finish line you will be able to see a large part of the Pyrenees and France.

The uphill course will be, in principle, the same as planned for the 2025 World Mountain and Trail Running Championships. The course will cover 6,5 km with 984 meters of gained elevation, starting at the Rte. St. Cristina at 1280 m characterized by its scenic appeal and finishing at La Raca 2277 m.The spacious starting area, positioned just 2 kilometers away from Canfranc center via a well-maintained road, can comfortably host many runners in the start area and at the moment, is it planned to have 2 aid stations at km 2,4 and km 4,3 and also at the finish line.

More information:

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17 kilometres that will make you discover and visit one of the most important forestry works in the world. With 1,050 metres of positive ascent, we will reach one of the best views of the Canfranc Valley; we will reach "Buenavista". From there it will be all downhill to the finish, a fast and impressive descent through the forest.

More information:

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Long Distance

A race that runs along the two slopes of Los Arañones mountain. Its highest points, the Buenavista refuge and the Estiviellas pass. You will have 8 hours to cover the 34 kilometres and its 1,900 positive metres. But don't be fooled by the numbers, 34 kilometres in Canfranc are never easy. The highest point of the race is at an altitude of 2,162 metres.

More information:

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Full regulations about the World Masters Mountain Running Championships can be found here .


These sports projects for Canfranc blend into a long tradition of sustainable development in these mountains. This tiny mountain village of just 400 inhabitants within the Alto Aragón is on the verge of celebrating the first century of the Canfranc International Station and the pioneering environmental work by engineer Benito Ayerbe to protect it, with millions of trees plante on formery barren mountain slopes. A historical green  heritage that has now been revived to its greatest splendor with the reopening of the Station in its original style as a 5* luxury hotel operated by Barcelo Royal Hideaway.

 In this XXI century, Canfranc  is preparing to go further, creating the first special natural protection area in all Aragon, in order to recognize and protect the legacy of those environmental pioneers from the Belle Epoque. Ever since them. this town chose to live by blending in with  its mountains: Taking care of them and enhancing the best of them for world travellers and sportsmen alike.

 Today, that tradition remains more alive than ever with the Canfranc Canfranc mountain races, together with a network of more than 500 kilometers of trails marked and mapped  for the safe use of any visitor. And new outdoor projects are in the pipeline, such as a new via ferrata that will allow visitors  to discover new dimensions of the Pyrenees.

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Pictures © WMRA- Marco Gulberti