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Sierre-Zinal Announce Plans for 2021

In 2020, faced with unprecedented circumstances, the Sierre-Zinal organising committee maintained its resolve to keep the race flame going, crafting a different version of the event. It was held as a free form month-long event, abiding by the restrictions imposed by the health situation. 

 However, the organisers recognise that a month-long event in no way creates the same thrills and euphoria for the runners as the iconic one day race. Which is why the organisers want to resume the regular Sierre-Zinal format as soon as the situation allows. As the public health situation remains unpredictable, they are announcing a project that will enable all mountain race fans to live as exciting a Sierre-Zinal experience as possible in 2021. As it's going to be part of the 2021 World Cup we're keen to see an exciting race too! 

The Covid 19 pandemic and its ramifications have sadly become part and parcel of our lives. As such, the organisers assume that participants in the 2021 race can equally adapt to the evolving health situation and go along with a race format that is also liable to change.


From the organisers:

Registrants to the 48th edition of Sierre-Zinal must be fully conscious of the fact that the race format is liable to change:

  • A one-day race is our priority: Sierre-Zinal will be held on August 7th 2021.
  • New: Please note that Sierre-Zinal is taking place on a Saturday (a small departure from the traditional second Sunday in August).
  • A free form month-long event will be organized if and only if the health situation is such that large gatherings are not permitted. This event would take place from Wednesday 2 August to Sunday 12 September 2021. The organising committee will make a decision by June 30th 2021.


Should the committee change the race’s classic format into a month-long event, registrants may expect partial entry fee refunds. However, a format change does not warrant a full refund.


  • For runners who opt for hotel and training clinic packages (4%) registration opens on Monday 1 February at 12:00 pm (midday).
  • For Sierre and Anniviers residents (8%) registration opens on Sunday 14 February at 12:00 pm (midday).
  • For all other entrants (88%) registration opens on Friday 2 April at 12:00 pm (midday). TBD. Registration details will be published in due time.

They explain it all in this video: 

Keep checking their website for more information.

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